How To Find Leads As A Real Estate Investor

finding deals as a real estate investor is very important to the success of any real estate investor, just like any other business out there. Finding a client serve, a house to sell, a hungry fellow to feed, a broken pipe to fix, a faulty car to repair, a beautiful face to make more beautiful, a rough hair to make neat, an overgrown hair to barb… and the list can keep growing means a lot to different people as the case may be.

Finding leads is one of the biggest headaches of a real estate investor and most would spend hundreds of dollars to find the one good deal that will rake in tens of thousands of dollars that will mean a profitable month or otherwise. Using real estate skip tracing services or driving for dollars can be a good starting point with lesser budgeting to execute.

Real Estate Skip Tracing Route

If you want to take the real estate skip tracing way to do things, you might consider popular services BellesLink, Skip genie or other services out there. A great service that has been found to be reliable is Skiptracing Pro with a huge rate of success.

To use a skip tracing service, you should find a list of vacant home owners, file it in an Excel sheet and send it over to real estate skip tracing agency. The agency will use several public record accessible channels to help you find the phone numbers, current address and emails of the vacant home owners you need to connect with.

Drive For Dollars

Such an aged but popular way of finding deals. This is very simple. You only need to map out an area you had like to find deals., drive around the area and be on the look out for houses with the sign of being abandoned. Most times, the houses will have lots of bush around look generally unkempt and abandoned.

Most investors would hire someone to do this for them, but this is what you can do yourself and keep your financial pocket intact. You can take two hours a day to drive around and do this for about two weeks. You will be able to get a good amount of lists within the area you have mapped out if it had any potentials at all.

Get the list, compile the names, the address and get it in an excel sheet. After compiling this, send it over to a skip tracing expert to help you skip trace. You can thereafter go after them by calling the number you have been able to compile.

For Real estate skip tracing, is a great option to explore. They have a team of highly dedicated skip tracers who use various tools online to dig out the exact contact information you are looking for.